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Sydney Bondi Science Tours – Geology Experience

Looking for a science field trip near Sydney? Interested in becoming an Earth Science Detective? Earth science is the observation and study of the four spheres. What are the four spheres? I’ll list them at the bottom of this blog.

Would yo like to interpret local geology, rocks, soils, landforms such as rivers, beaches and mountains and their history as well as processes which are occurring today.

We specialise in offering you an earth science experience – our regular event is a short introduction situated in beautiful coastal Sydney, just conveniently located off Bondi Beach where many people have already walked without ever being aware of the local geology.

The session is designed to help you look at the rocks and the wider environment more closely and how just by doing that we can begin to put together a story about the past, the present and the future. This is a basic earth science skill.

First I introduce you to the general geology and history of the area just so you get a hint of how we will be looking at the rocks.

Stepping closer to the rocks we look at the properties of the grains that make up each rock.Earth Science Experience in Sydney

We then take a step back and discuss the broader structures that indicate how the grains were arranged and that came to pass.

We then look at the present day processes and how wind water and biology are interacting with the minerals.

The whole time you are being prompted to come up with answers based on your own observations.

 Become an earth science sleuth – learn to really see what is going on around you – pick up clues from rocks, soils and landforms.

The theme is getting your eye-in where you can experience a sense of discovery and awareness about the world by learning how to look.

We are offering a Science Walking Experience Short Tour where you can pick up some of the clues about the process from the past and present.

All events are easy walking tours for all ages in Sydney – no minimum numbers – times are set – we never cancel.

We meet in Bondi near the famous Icebergs.

The tour ends halfway to Tamarama on the famous coastal walk.

There are public toilets nearby.

Parking is an issue in Bondi. I suggest that you use public transport.


Book Thru Viator. Geology Science Experience

Booking thru Viator allows you to rate me after the tour. Either way I’m happy to see your there. Just a note – all tours must be booked online – I can’t accept money when we meet.

The Landforms around you are full of clues about the past and the present;

We can study them at any scale, from just one grain within a complex texture,,,,

Sydney’s coastline is part of the Sydney Basin. On our Science tours you will learn how to ask questions about the environment around you.


to a larger landform;


and some other stuff in between;

BONDI UNCERCUTCOMPThe best part is that we introduce you to a visual vocabulary that you can use to gain a deeper understanding of the world around you.

While you are with me I like to point out tow things. How are rocks and  landforms formed and what are the processess going on today?

Whenever I guide these science tours it is a thrill to see people suddenly becoming aware of the world.

So see you there


If you are interested in a different experience we can tailor our geology science tours to suit your needs.If you have any questions about this please get in touch with me  Contact Rob for an Earth Science Experience

I am always looking out for new sites to visit so any special site requests you have are also welcome. The are a number of other science type tours such as research facilities, rivers and valleys, limestone caves and fossil sites.

Other information; All you need for your earth science experience is to bring yourselves, wear comfortable walking shoes (sneakers are great!) a hat and sunscreen. I find a small bottle of drinking water is nice to have too. This tour is suitable for anyone. If you have disability please contact me on the link at the bottom of this page or use the site contact form because I wouldn’t want you to miss out!

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  • Melissa Horne says:

    Hi Rob
    I’m an Earth & Environmental Science teacher at Great Lakes College Senior Campus in Tuncurry on the mid north coast of NSW. Each year we bring our year 12 cohort to Sydney for a week in early December. We offer curriculum based activities as part of this excursion. I’m currently trying to find an activity geared towards my course.
    Would it be possible to run something for my kids?
    What topic would you cover as part of your Bondi walk?
    I can provide some specific syllabus info if you need me to.
    Do you offer a student price?

    Kind regards
    Melissa Horne

  • Enas says:

    I am a project officer for a local Sydney NGO who is looking to plan a geology-based tour for school aged children.

    Does your tour cater o this contingency and if so, is there a possibility we can book a tour just for our group?

    Thank you so much and kind regards
    Enas Rachwani
    0424 649 445 | erachwani@lma.org.au

    • Nom Geo says:

      Hi Enas,
      Thanks for your comment. I will call you in the next day to find out what your specific needs are in this regard. Providing I can, it would my pleasure to arrange an event for your group.

    • Nom Geo says:

      Dear Melissa,
      First of all thank you for your question and so sorry for the delayed response. Of course I would like to discuss your specific requirements for future events, and what we can do to make it worthwhile for your students.
      We can have an event at Bondi, but there are number of other locations that would provide easy access for large groups, just as a consideration.
      Topics are field observations at all scales, along with some basic sedimentology and rock/grain identification skills. The event would also engage in discussion over the interaction between the four main “spheres” that make up the earth system.

      • Melissa Horne says:

        Hi Robert
        I contacted you back in 2017 about a geology walk/tour in Sydney.
        I’m an Earth & Environmental Science teacher at Great Lakes College Senior Campus in Tuncurry on the mid north coast of NSW. Each year we bring our year 12 cohort to Sydney for a week in early December. We offer curriculum based activities as part of this excursion.
        Are you available on Wednesday 11 December to lead a walk?

        Kind regards
        Melissa Horne

  • Jess says:

    Hi Rob,

    I am a teacher at a local high school and am interested in what you are able to provide to either a group of around 15 students, or to myself. What is your pricing?

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