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  • August 28, 2014 - Nom Geo

    SP log – quick aside: Interpretation

    In discussing the SP log I am going to refer you to a publication which has an excellent section on the Spontaneous Potential log. It is "Well Logging For Earth Scientists" By Ellis and Singer and I highly recommend that you buy or borrow a copy.     So on to our sample well. The […]

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  •   Spontaneous potential measures the naturally occuring potentials in a wellbore for each depth. In petrophysics it is useful for formation water resistivity, clay content and bed thickness estimations. In geology it is useful for facies identification, textural character and bed correlations between logged wells. To explain further, there are two types of potential being measured. 1)electrochemical […]

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  • This article is for a petrophysical study of geological formation pore pressure d exponent analysis using drilling data. If you find this interesting or in need of correction please leave a comment. The d exponent uses drilling performance to look at variations in drilling performance to infer changes in formation pore pressure. Since the drilling performance is […]

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