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  • Under the pressure of delayed oil field projects and an expected bounce of demand in a post-COVID19 world, oil prices have only one way to go from here – and that is up! Historically, the lowering of the price of crude oil resulted in increased consumption of gasoline and diesel and a fall in investments […]

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  • by Robert Ekstein – April 2020 The world could have started a unified reduction of greenhouse gases in the late 1980s but here’s how the actions of a small number of radicals has steered us away from direct action. In this regard, direct action means measures to prevent the venting of greenhouse gases into the […]

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  • Oil Gas Gasoline Diesel and Energy Markets

    March 29, 2019 - Nom Geo

    Reservoir to Bowser 4

    Markets Adding to my previous article (http://is-this-just-business-as-usual-in-the-oil-patch ) explaining that the energy patch is now in a “business as usual” mode, oil and gas prices remained relatively stable to reach US$67.82 per barrel for Brent crude while West Texas Intermediate was at US$59.30 per barrel. Happily for producers in Alberta, Western Canadian Select closed the […]

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  • FPSO for Pre Salt Campos Basin

    February 24, 2019 - Nom Geo

    Brazil’s Presalt Oil Revolution

    It is hard to think of any area in our society, especially by those of us in the energy and petroleum patch, that hasn’t undergone big changes since 2000. Am I right or am I wrong? Back in the year 2000 the idea of reaching ultra-deep reservoirs laying below thick salt-layers offshore Brazil was for […]

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  • Anyone listening oil industry commentary may be fooled into thinking that we live in a time of massive disruption in the demand for crude oil and that the industry is under siege because oil prices are not “rallying”.   But nothing could be further from the truth. If one looks at oil price alone, it […]

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  • Oil Field Pump

    February 6, 2019 - Nom Geo

    Reservoir to Bowser 2

    February 7th, 2019 Markets Energy markets are moving sideways but are largely steady. Brent and WTI are at $62.69 and $53.66 per barrel levels respectively as of today, slightly up from last week. The Western Canadian Select crude is currently holding around $44 per barrel which will be relief to producers in Alberta. Alberta’s state […]

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  • From the previous posts we were manipulating log data to contrast different zones in shallow permian stratigraphy. We can now attempt to interpret the different zones and how this changes at each depth. Beginning with the gamma and density signal, a coal seam is present at 252 to 254 m while at ~282 m there is a […]

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  •   Spontaneous potential measures the naturally occuring potentials in a wellbore for each depth. In petrophysics it is useful for formation water resistivity, clay content and bed thickness estimations. In geology it is useful for facies identification, textural character and bed correlations between logged wells. To explain further, there are two types of potential being measured. 1)electrochemical […]

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