I’m Robert Ekstein, an experienced oil and gas analyst, commentator, keynote speaker and writer.

If you are in need of written content in oil, gas and renewable energy, such as updating of custom online content, feature articles, field-reports, geological and project description you may wish to consider a freelance writer such as myself. Long and short form ghost writing services are also available.

Exclusive articles with updated content to be supplied in less than 48 hours. These can be published under any name including an exclusive pen name, as well under the ghost writing appellation.

If you would like to reach out to me for a confidential discussion below are couple of options for getting in touch.

LinkedIn: https://www.inkedin.com/in/robert-michael-ekstein-b05aa517/


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    What is NomadicGeo

    Nomadicgeo.net is my own exploration of the petroleum sector, geology and earth sciences. As the site name implies, I am wandering in and out of contemporary subjects.

    With your help and feedback I hope to be able to guide us to a higher understanding of the business of energy and chemical companies from the deep earth environment all the way to the bowser. You are welcome to add your comments and critiques to each article.

    A little bit about myself

    I hold a Bachelor of Science degree from Macquarie University, Australia and  a Diploma of Engineering Science (Petroleum Upstream) from the University of New South Wales, also in Australia. Prior to becoming a petroleum analyst and professional writer there was a field career in coal and gas preceded by 23 years of marketing and sales as a manufacturer’s international representative. My experiences extend to international trade events, import and export. I hail from Sydney Australia where I love creating content for various platforms.

    If you would like a sample of former professional work I can direct you to some online samples, although whether they remain publicly available or not is out of my hands.

    Feel free to send me an email anytime.

    and thanks for dropping in!

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